Dress Up

...and it's not just Mateo....

A sample of family life @4949

A tiny sample of family life @4949...this is the censored version

Playa del Carmen

This is how we party on the beach...

Happy 2 years!!

He turned two last month, but as we were in England until the day before, there was no children's party this year. Instead, we had two family-style get togethers.

Mexican food, a pinata and some baseball!

The 2013 Met Gala "PUNK: Chaos to Couture"

I was more than a little underwhelmed to be honest. I watched it livestreaming via vogue.com and modaoperandi.com and was looking forward to seeing how much fun the guests would have with the Punk theme.

For me, the only guest that really nailed it was Sarah Jessica Parker. Incredible. From head - especially head - to toe. That mohawk...

Giovanna Battaglia looked great - safety pin headdress! Then again, she always looks brilliant 24/7. 

Anne Hathaway got major bonus points for dyeing her hair platinum blonde and looking very punk-esque. She even showed off her boobs. Was that to take the heat off being the most hated celebrity of the year?

Miley Cyrus was looking cool and punky - a big jump from her Hannah Montana days... For me, she carried it off really well.

I had hoped that Anna Wintour would pull out the stops but alas, she didn't really look punky at all. I guess she went with the Couture part of "Chaos to Couture". Still, Anna Wintour is Anna Wintour.

Same for Gwyneth Paltrow - more couture than chaos, but still gorgeous.

Debbie Harry looked wonderful - basically like Debbie Harry with a little more bling. 

Super disappointing was Hilary Rhoda's interviewing technique. She seemed really lost and only lit up when interviewing her fellow models, maybe because she's a bit on the young side to remember Punk in the 70s or to know who her interviewees were. She totally dismissed/ignored Gaia Repossi, jewellery designer, along with a few others. Embarrassing. And introducing Baz Lurhmann and his wife, Catherine Martin as English? Oops.

Billy Norwich committed possibly the ultimate faux pas of the night - cutting off Dame Vivienne Westwood mid-sentence as she was introducing her husband - poor form on many levels! I cringed til I could cringe no more.

In summary, I think most of the guests veered towards the safer end of the spectrum, which was quite disappointing - so Sarah Jessica Parker shone out by a million miles for me. I'd love to see her co-chair the 2014 Met Gala ball.

Some of the designer dresses worn last night are going on sale today via Moda Operandi. Go on, get the credit card out... 

I'm back...

It's been a while...I've been busy doing nothing that special really, but raising a boisterous, independent and stubborn boy has been time-consuming!

Mateo turned two on April 17th and with that came the inevitable Terrible Twos...though it really began an awful lot sooner...Now that he's piecing together sentences, I could sit and listen to his little conversations all day. He talks to me, his father, the dog, his toys, the cats...anyone or anything that will listen.

Anyway, here's a shot of his latest hairstyle. He's the one on the left....seconds before he got into a shoving fight over the dollhouse.

This was the final result after I all but destroyed his beautiful locks with a clipper set on the wrong setting. He ended up looking like this (the gentleman with the reddish hair). Hence the shaved head a few days later when I couldn't bear to look at his little cabeza a second longer.

On the positive side, he'll make a fine Dalai Lama for Hallowe'en.