rhubarb tart, chicken rillettes, and blue cheese + watercress cheesecake

mount pleasant farmers market

Baby's New Mobile

we decided against the simple black and white mobile for baby - instead we got a very funky, brightly coloured number from Giggle.

baby loves watching the insanely colourful creatures floating above his head - more so, he delights in looking at himself in the mirrored panels on the underside of the mobile. vain little bugger.

Guard Dog

meanwhile, Flor keeps watch over her baby...

...until she gets bored

One reason I miss living in London: Le Chandelier

How I would love to go there for afternoon tea this weekend! A decent, proper English tea is impossible to find in DC - it's all packet sugar (don't get me started), boring sandwiches, and weak brews.

I am starting to become more interested in all things green. Well, not many things actually, but looking at stuff is a start. Baby steps. Literally.

I love this website - for all of its products as well as its concept.

My favourite section is Mrs White's Laundry and Utility Room. It's very cute and I am tempted to fill up my online shopping basket with both Mrs White's Kitchen and Bathroom kits. Everything is ecologically-friendly.

In addition, there are cleaning products for floors, upholstery, clothing (yours and your baby's) and even your shoes.

This household may never see another cupful of Tide or spritz of Windex ever again...
Inspiration for wall colours in the new house: Laduree macarons!

Las Tias made dinner on their last night in DC -- a Mexican feast of tuna ceviche followed by frijoles, nopales, mole and chocolate cake.

Baby is very sad that they've gone home :-(

Dinner with the family