I'm back...

It's been a while...I've been busy doing nothing that special really, but raising a boisterous, independent and stubborn boy has been time-consuming!

Mateo turned two on April 17th and with that came the inevitable Terrible Twos...though it really began an awful lot sooner...Now that he's piecing together sentences, I could sit and listen to his little conversations all day. He talks to me, his father, the dog, his toys, the cats...anyone or anything that will listen.

Anyway, here's a shot of his latest hairstyle. He's the one on the left....seconds before he got into a shoving fight over the dollhouse.

This was the final result after I all but destroyed his beautiful locks with a clipper set on the wrong setting. He ended up looking like this (the gentleman with the reddish hair). Hence the shaved head a few days later when I couldn't bear to look at his little cabeza a second longer.

On the positive side, he'll make a fine Dalai Lama for Hallowe'en.