Good bread anyone?

Started almost 10 years ago, Lyon Bakery is an established and well-respected wholesale bakery in SW DC - right by the new baseball stadium. Producing artisan breads daily to DC's hotels, delicatessens, restaurants, this is the place to get your bread. With all due respect to the city's other fine bakeries, Lyon is the only one I know of that hand-finishes every single item of bread that leaves its warehouse - meaning that each and every roll, baguette, ciabatta ( to name but a few) leaves the bakery with its very own individual "handprint" from its baker. Lyon's signature bread is the Rustico. My unabashed favourite is the multigrain. You can find their breads in many restaurants throughout the city. Email me if you want to know which ones... There are too many breads for me to list here - take a look at their website and for those of you who love good bread, prepare to swoon. Unfortunately Lyon only produces on a wholesale basis - all the more reason to dine out in my opinion...!