hen party last night (aka a bachelorette party). holy cow, it'd been a while since i got the gladrags out for a girls' night out. the day started at Liberty Tavern, Arlington, with lunch and gift-opening by the bride to be. the bride's mother had given her a kitchen aid - as her own mother had given her. it's probably my favourite and most-used kitchen appliance, i love mine and would be hard done to get by without it. not sure i ever want to go back to the creaming butter/sugar with wooden spoon task ever again... the food was good - presented beautifully. everyone ate very well...only to return again 3 hours later for tapas at La Tasca, Clarendon followed by drinking and dancing at Ri Ra up the road. 'twas a late end but fun was had by all -- can't wait until the wedding!

apple and goat cheese salad, gnocchi, arctic char, vegetarian sandwich
red velvet cheesecake, chocolate heaven, blackberry cobbler, lime souffle