back in dc after a week away for knee surgery (both g and myself). i came back last night as my sister is arriving from england tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! g will come back next weekend -- after us two sisters have wreaked havoc. the last time i saw jude was in scotland for our cousin's wedding last may, so we have a lot of catching up to do!

i am wearing a full leg brace -- which i have to wear 24/7 other than when i do my rehab exercises. i even have to wear it to shower/bathe (i have a large yellow rubber sock to protect it -- tres chic). it's surprisingly easy to toddle about on crutches as my knee gives me no pain at all. we had an amazing surgeon -- renowned for pioneering many knee surgery methodologies -- and the fact that neither g or i have any post-op pain is a testament to his skills. he is Richard Steadman at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, CO. if you ever need knee surgery, he really is probably the best of all of them. g had his first knee done in January and it's basically better than it ever was. fingers crossed for this time around.

g's sister flew in from mexico to take care of us. she is a wonderful cook and we ate well all week (basically she spoiled us rotten for which we were extremely grateful!)

the menu included:
hake with white wine and mussels
fideo with salmon, pork and a delicious salsa verde (from mexico)
salmon salad
tortilla espanol
isabel's chocolate cake
and much more (see what i mean about being spoilt?)

oh yes, we celebrated with a nice glass or two of champers post-op :-)

we had a nice apartment with views towards the mountains and a river. our concierge (Nima) from Nepal told us that to him (a sherpa), the mountains were more like hills and were the same distance/altitude (8000 ft!) as his daily commute on foot back home. amazing.

as we are both supposed to be off our feet, we spent a fair amount of time watching tv or in rehab sessions. when sat down, we had to cool our knees which meant being plugged into an ice machine via 'exhaust pipes' as g called them. those are not my legs.