one day very soon, when i am more organized, i will post the photos i took on saturday of the wisteria. it smells divine, looks very pretty, and is quite a show-stopper, with lots of people stopping to smell the flowers or take photos of it as they walk past the side of the house. i feel like a proud mother. sadly the blooms don't last long at all. i picked a bunch and put them in a tall glass vase - the scent isn't very strong at all, i suspect the lack of wind indoors doesn't help - it is needed to waft the fragrance around! the rest of the garden is coming up incredibly quickly - with one bout of rain, the plants have doubled and even quadrupled in size over just 2 or 3 days - incredible. it's summer time weather already - what happened to spring? every year it hints at its arrival for 2 or 3 days, then summer arrives and it's 90 degrees. hopefully it will be a few more weeks until the mosquitoes arrive...and i revert to dosing myself liberally in deet.