garden overhaul

we picked up a truckload of plants this weekend from merrifield garden center in fairfax. having worked out which plants are definitely dead with no hope of resurrection, we counted up the number of new ones we would need...and got carried away once we got to the centre. no great surprise there... we spent the afternoon planting out our new purchases - in the 80s, perfect day for gardening - and have just a few left to do. lilac tree two pom pom topiary trees lots of periwinkle/vinca for ground and trellis cover two clematis another tree with tiny purple flowers ground cover with lots of white flowers i have the nametags but they're outside in the pouring rain... the hostas are coming back - slowly but surely. the giant allums were replanted into large pots, one for each of them - i had no idea they would be quite so massive. half of the carrots were transplanted (how many did i sow???) and the rest will stay where they are (no room anywhere else!), the pomodoros will be transplated next weekend when i have found where they will live but that's easier as they will be above ground... the maple tree is blossoming/blooming and promises to give us lots of much-needed shade this summer. the dutch tulips are coming to an end sadly but gave us lots of colour whilst they were in bloom. the japanese honeysuckle got a bit haircut but continues to spread herself all over the side and front gardens. the peonies are in bud. all in all the garden is very happy, and so are we. photos will come when the weather is more hospitable.